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Spirits are one of the primary sources of social entertainment and togetherness for people from all different cultures. Two love birds saw an open market in the LGBTQ community, that lead them to launch a spirit created for “All Communities” by “Our Community” called Lambda Vodka.

LV creators, Charles Hughes and Richard Solomon met through a mutual friend in 2010.  The two have been inseparable since. They spend most of their business and personal time working together for the same organization from open to close (one in finance and the other in I.T.), and the evening hours of their days are spent promoting Lambda Vodka. In December 2016, they decided to wed with only inviting two guests to their small ceremony, which was Charles’ mother and Richard’s mother. Once arriving home from a life changing moment, they will cherish forever, their very first case of Lambda Vodka was on the newlywed’s door step!

The bottle label is designed with great thought as the name derives from the 1970’s where the LAMBDA Greek symbol was used to signify the LGBTQ community.  The hands represent the sense of comfort ability in social environments such as: clubs and gay bars.  Not to mention, the adjectives represent the characteristics of the individuals within our community. We finally have a spirit to call our own, which is Lambda Vodka!

The journey to this point has been extremely rewarding. As Charles and Richard look to the future and what’s next to come for LV, they have a number of innovative ideas. In addition to the lover’s success, their one-year anniversary will be approaching soon, and Lambda Vodka will undergo a rebranding that will elevate this 6X distilled premium vodka to stand alone from all else. With this new look, paired with a possible new flavor, Lambda Vodka will be the vodka of choice for “All Communities.”